License Plate Recognition Systems

MENCE brings together the experience and know-how of M2M with its valued business partners in the plate identification sector to provide you with the most appropriate solutions for your Plate Recognition Systems. MENCE brings together all your expectations and the latest technological developments in the sector and provides you with the most appropriate solution while creating the plate recognition system solution you need. Plate Recognition and Archiving with Police Identification System that MENCE and technology suppliers will customize for you, Polnet plate control, Alarm control option according to Polnet plate control results, Operational features developed for special units, Automatic notification with sms in plate passes, Plate identification for free passes, Web interface for monitoring, management and reporting, monitoring from handheld computers (PDA), license plate recognition with high recognition rate, integrated red light, black list control, double speed control, speed limit control, average speed control in vehicles watching the same route, You can have many features such as control.