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Smart cities, smart network, smart grid and for more… MENCE is on your side…

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PEGA Consultancy and Training Services

Pega is an innovative software platform built on the low-code principle that eliminates business complexity. Today, companies need a rapid transformation with digitalization. Pega creates powerful software by going beyond the one-size-fits-all approach in traditional programming thanks to low-code and catches this transformation.

SAP Consultancy And Training Services

With SAP consulting services, we can help you realize your digital transformation quickly and successfully. We analyze your strategy in depth and move your goals to the best point with digital transformation. We follow the detailed SAP roadmap together and simplify your processes in every field and bring them to their true potential.

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Smart Grid Services

MENCE delivers latest Smart Grid services and technologies to its customers in M2M and IOT fields, one of the most important business areas in energy sector.

Tracking Systems

With its knowledge and experience in M2M, MENCE offers the most suitable solutions for your needs in vehicle, animal husbandry and RFID access tracking services.

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RFID Transition Tracking Systems

MENCE supports customers in RFID Transition Tracking Systems, one of the most important fields of work in M2M field.

Plate Recognition Systems

Combining its know-how and experience in M2M with its valuable business partners in the plate recognition sector, MENCE offers you the most suitable solutions for your needs in License Plate Recognition Systems.

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Business Accounting Systems

MENCE helps manage operations in the field of sales distribution and reporting with its expert business partners and customizable structure. Commercial Accounting System is a modular commercial accounting program that produces solutions for the business needs of companies operating in the sales and distribution sector. With this program specially written for the distribution sector, your workload will be minimized.

Dealer Management System

MENCE delivers the latest and most advanced technologies in network tracking and management systems to their customers.

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Battery Management System

MENCE brings together its know-how and experience in the BMS field with its business partners and offers you the most suitable solutions for your needs in Battery Management Systems.