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PEGA Consulting and Training Services

Pega is an innovative software platform built on the low-code principle that eliminates business complexity. Today, companies need a rapid transformation with digitalization. Thanks to low-code, Pega goes beyond the one-dimensional approach in classical programming and creates powerful software and keeps up with this transformation.


Pega is a unified Business Process Management (BPM) system developed in Java using OOP concepts.


It allows you to build CRM, RPA, BPM and AI applications on a single platform. This allows companies to increase digital process automation and improve the customer experience.


The world's leading organizations in many sectors, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, banking and manufacturing, use Pega. Because Pega keeps customer value at the highest level, facilitates service and increases efficiency. In this way, it is used by the world's leading brands.


As a company that noticed this innovation early, Mence Mobile keeps up with innovation and provides Pega consultancy services to companies in their digitalization journey. We are here to help you at every moment of your Pega journey according to your demands and needs.


We provided Pega support to ministry projects of Saudi Arabia for 2 years(2020-2021). We provide consultancy services for an international company located in the UK. We also did a Pega version upgrade project for one of Turkey's leading banks. We are currently providing a Pega version upgrade and support for Tekfen Holding, one of Turkey's leading holdings. At the same time, we provide user training and preparation for certification exams for teams who want to work in the Pega field.

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