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Father and Son

About Mence

Mence; With its expertise and experience in M2M and IoT services, it is Turkey's leading company in M2M and IoT fields, aiming to provide you with innovative solutions, meet your needs and help you manage your data remotely, using machine-to-machine communication and mobile software technologies.


It also provides consultancy and end-to-end project delivery services in the fields of SAP, Pega, Blue Prism and Denodo. With its consultancy service, it helps companies on their way to digitalization.

Your M2M and IoT Partner

MENCE leads innovations with the services and solutions it offers in the field of M2M and IoT, and always breaks new ground in the sector with its experience of more than 15 years. In this context, it establishes business partnerships with market-leading companies that develop the most accurate technologies in this regard, both in Turkey and in the world, and adds value to its customers by downloading sample studies and solutions made in the field of M2M in the world.


Offering the most innovative and comprehensive solutions in M2M and IoT technologies, MENCE MOBİL adds new technologies to its existing portfolio with rapidly advancing technologies and systems.


Our Core Values

MENCE's main goal is to provide the innovations and innovations that its customers need with superior service quality in the shortest time and in the most competitive way. At the center of MENCE MOBİL's business processes, there is a customer focus, and it is essential to carry out its services with transparency and a high level of responsibility.

Our Working Methodology

MENCE provides consultancy and turnkey end-to-end project delivery services in the field of Pega and SAP. In addition, with its after-sales integration services and end-to-end project management applications for these services, it aims to provide the most accurate and fast service to its customers both in the sales process and after the sale, to gain the trust of its customers and to take its place in the market penetration quickly. For this purpose, it manages its projects within the framework of global project management standards and uses the latest technologies for this purpose.

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