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RFID Transition Tracking Systems

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MENCE supports customers in RFID Transition Tracking Systems, one of the most important fields of work in M2M field.

 Authorization and related transit controls are the needs of almost every aspect of daily life in recent years. The need for instantaneous authorization and transition control, the varying environmental conditions, and the diversity of objects or entities subject to passive control, leads to the increase and diversification of the solutions required. This situation causes the needy to have difficulty in making choices, and sometimes it prevents them from choosing the right solution.

MENCE eliminates this confusion and offers solutions for your needs.

 In RFID applications, RFID software and RFID hardware are important components. In general, RFID readers digitally listen to and transmit the analog RF communication made by the RFID tag to the application layer. Transmission of the incoming data, control, filtering and business processes are made into meaningful data according to their needs and transmitted to the other hardware of the system (door, turnstile, barrier etc.) and interpretation of the feedback coming from the application is provided at the application layer.

With RFID you will have developed solutions for your needs with applications and below you will be able to reach your goals which will increase your management ability only in some main headlines and many more displays below.

In this way, you will be able to increase your management capability and reach your goals.

The following are just a few of the things you can do with RFID:

  • Real-time personnel/vehicle management and follow-up

  • Unauthorized Object entry blocking on migration controls

  • Retrospective location, time and personnel/vehicle based statistical reports

  • Instant access to information about personnel / vehicles via SMS or Internet

  • Integrations with external applications

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