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Battery Management System

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MENCE brings together its know-how and experience in the Battery Management field with its business partners and offers you the most suitable solutions for your needs in Battery Management Systems.

Battery management systems are systems that control and manage battery packs consisting of one or more cells during charging and discharging. They are structures that interfere with the system when the optimum values are exceeded by measuring important values such as current, voltage, temperature etc. in battery packs.

Battery Management offers you Data tracking, Calculation, Protection and Optimization functions.

Data Tracking

It allows you to observe data such as voltage, temperature, state of charge, discharge density, health status and current.


It allows you to calculate values such as the maximum charge / discharge current, the energy consumed since the first use, the energy consumed after the last charge, the number of charge-discharge cycles.


By measuring the values offered to the user, it ensures the protection of the system by intervening in the system in cases where the optimal values such as residual current, high pressure / temperature are exceeded.

Optimization Function

It ensures that the voltage values of each cell that make up the battery pack are balanced in order to maximize the capacity of the batteries and prevent overcharging while charging. When necessary, it provides optimization by taking the energy from the most full cell and transferring it to the least loaded cell.

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