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Smart Grid Services

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MENCE delivers latest Smart Grid services and technologies to its customers in M2M and IOT fields, one of the most important business areas in energy sector.

Smart grid systems encompasses all integrated objects in distribution networks -including meters(wired)(PSTN/ETHERNET) or wireless (RF, Bluetooth, GPRS)) at customers consumption points (gas, water and electricity)- and read, analyze, report and manage whole network and network devices.

With smart grid systems you can solve real time visibility and data validation problems and increase efficiency and speed in producing decisions and action through the interpretation of collected data which classical grid systems can’t deliver. Thus, demand supply management can be executed effectively.

Here are gains can be maintained with smart grid systems:

  • Resource savings(Electricity, water, gas…etc)

  • Effective management of density in resource demand

  • Better customer care in supply chain

  • Instant traceability of errors, malfunctions and leaks on systems

  • Increasing activity, speed and efficiency in network management

  • Increasing speed and accuracy in pricing and invoicing services

  • Allowing consumers to change their roles

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